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Our Compliance Services
The Compliance Division provides and oversees daily, weekly, and yearly compliance to ensure all developments comply with federal, state, local laws, and requirements.  We understand the importance of being in compliance with all agencies and emphasize to our staff the necessity of following all requirements that govern the program for each development.

The Division is important to the continued compliance of the development and meeting the owner’s responsibility for the make-up of the development.  Property Owners, Executive Teams, and On-Site Teams can be confident of the compliance capability, comprehension, and information resources available to enhance the overall ability to monitor, maintain, and report accurate information daily, weekly, and yearly.

The goal of the Compliance Department is to track and stabilize any discrepancies by curing, verifying data, providing educational training to everyone involved in the development, investigating problems/issues, maintaining company compliance integrity without fail, and submitting all reports and responses in a timely manner.  These services protect owners from any IRS or other governing agency violations.
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